Welcome to Therapy Heroes!

Therapy Heroes is a therapist-owned company comprised of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Clinicians. We provide therapy services through contracts with Home Health providers and through private contracts with individuals.

Therapy Heroes are encouraged to utilize their clinical abilities, professional talents, and their unique personal skills to serve our patients, our customers, and each other. Therapy Heroes is made up of clinicians that have served together in various settings for a number of years. Our shared dedication to patient care, innovative practices, and mutual support led to the creation of Therapy Heroes.

Therapy Heroes has built a reputation of excellent customer service throughout Tarrant, Parker and surrounding counties. We believe a contracting company should adapt to the procedures and the methodologies of our customers so that the relationship remains seamless and productive.

Our Mission

Serve our patients.
Serve our customers.
Serve each other.

Our Passion

Be Something Amazing.

Our Vision

Honor individuality.
Encourage improvement.
Reinforce effort.
Overcome Fear.
Expect success.
Serve patients.